Our Large-Scale Plants
Green Elephant´s first project is based in Maharshtra at Satara District. In July 2008 Green Elephant has signed three contracts with the co-operative Kisan Veer SSK including a Civil Construction, Land-lease and a Delivery of Raw Materials Agreement. Kisan Veer Satara SSK Limited was founded in 1968 as a co-operative sugar factory. The co-operative is held by approximately 45,000 farmers, who own 45,000 hectare land in the area around the factory. Since Mr. Madan Bhosale is Chairman of the co-operative, Kisan Veer became one of the leading sugar companies in the region. In 2008 the crushing output of Kisan Veer SSK was 650,000 metric tons (640,000 in 2007) and their net sugar production was 800,000 Qtls in 2008 (768,000 in 2007). Their sugar recovery is above 12%.

Under the Land-lease Agreement Kisan Veer will provide Green Elephant land and unlimited access for 20 years. Under the Raw Material Contract, Kisan Veer has agreed to deliver a quantity of 600 m³ of spent wash per day. The co-operative Kisan Veer will be compensated by a fixed price per m³ of spent wash and compensated on a monthly basis. The shareholder of the co-operative are profiting directly by providing their waste to Green Elephant.

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Green Elephant has three pipeline projects in Maharshtra which are under development and shall be commissioned in 2013. Green Elephant is currently seeking for more suppliers of raw materials to build additional biogas plants in India in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

The strategy of Green Elephant in India is to develop and invest into 29 additional biogas plants in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka until 2014. The Company aims to generate 250 million m3 of gas in 2015. Green Elephant is aspiring to become the leading independent biogas producer in India.